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KGN Pillinger is the UK's leading manufacturer, supplier and service agent for water pumping units and equipment. KGN Pillinger have a very impressive array of product ranges from standard booster sets, bespoke pumping systems, pressurisations units, packaged plant rooms and waste water management solutions.


M-Press Fittings are very pleased to announce that we now supply our range of Stainless Steel fittings to KGN where they are used to build a number of these projects. The engineers at KGN were keen to use a mechanical press system for their pipework jointing and with our comprehensive offering of Stainless Steel coupled with a 40 year installed warranty our products are now being used on some of these specialist designs.


The picture gallery below shows a recent KGN Pressurisation Unit complete with 4 x 500ltr Expansion Vessels. M-Press Stainless Steel can be seen in the pipe connections for these units.